Giak FlashCards v2.1 beta

Version 2.0 involved scrapping all the code that I wrote for v1.0. About 800 lines of code later...


Chapters Used:
Chapter One
Chapter Two
Default Side:

Known Issues:

  1. (closed) Netscape 2.x doesn't handle the Array object so this version won't work correctly in this browser. I believe MSIE 3.x also suffers from this deficiency (at the very least on MacOS). update: I've looked into retrofitting the script to fake the properties of the Array object. It looks more difficult than it's worth. This issue is closed indefinitely.
  2. (fixed with a hopefully temporary work around) Netscape 3.04 & 4.05 don't reset the stack correctly once the end has been reached (last chapter, last card). (Note to self: It appears that once the end has been reached, the second pile returns a length that is one too large. Could an additional undefined element be being added?)
  3. (fixed) Reset doesn't respect the "Chapters Used" parameter.
  4. (closed) Opera 3.60 doesn't handle the next card, previous card and random card buttons. This is probably just the tip of the iceberg of a broken implementation of JavaScript. update: I sent an inquiry to the webmaster of the Opera Software site and got a pleasant but not informative response. Until I can find a way to debug Opera JavaScript, this bug will remain closed.
  5. (fixed) Netscape 3.04 seems to load each script file in the browser. Continued reloads eventually loads the page. This might be an HTML issue. Futher investigation will be put off until the page has more standard HTML.
  6. (fixed) When the page is reloaded, some browsers retain the state of the form inputs. Reloading causes the cards to be reset to the very first card irrespective of the "Chapters Used" parameter.
  7. IE 4.04 on WinNT doesn't seem to display the value of the text area. All of the values are updated correctly but aren't getting displayed. reDisplay( ) is getting called. I have a feeling that this is specific to the one machine on which I tested it--hopefully.

Browsers Tested:


WinNT 4.0 SP4


MacOS 8.6


Flash Cards v2.1.1 beta
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