Dusty Shelf's Study

Welcome to Dusty Shelf's personal study. The walls are lined with bookshelves holding tomes of ancient lore. The small room is filled with tables hidden beneath heaps of books, scrolls and writing utensils. The room's only window is closed against the hot air outside. The sunlight from the window casts a bright spot on the floor. The Kai Lord you presume to be Dusty Shelf is sleeping in his chair with his head resting on a parchment on the table. He is snoring lightly and you decide not to disturb him.

You notice several books on the table around Dusty Shelf. Quietly, you look at these books.

A book named Lone Wolf Club Newsletters catches your eye. What on Magnamund could that outlandish title mean?!

For the Study's other books, please visit it's old location.

Updated: 27 September 2000
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