Dusty Shelf's Study

Welcome to Dusty Shelf's personal study. The walls are lined with bookshelves holding tomes of ancient lore. The small room is filled with tables hidden beneath heaps of books, scrolls and writing utensils. The room's only window is slightly ajar allowing the chill night air to mingle with the musty odors of the Study. A slight breeze from the window makes the candles in the room flicker. Dusty Shelf sits stooped over a parchment busily writing. There are three young Kai monks sitting around the room studying. At first, Dusty Shelf doesn't notice your entrance. When you clear your throat to draw attention to yourself, he looks up with a start.

Dusty Shelf is happy to have extra company and offers to allow you to read what he is working on while he continues writing. Please keep your voice low and don't distract him too long from his work; reference librarians can be rather easily annoyed.

A book named Lone Wolf Club Newsletters catches your eye. What on Magnamund could that outlandish title mean?!

For the Study's other books, please visit it's old location.

Updated: 27 September 2000
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