Sun's heat rains down
Beating on my weary back
I smell cool water. . .

The unforgiving sun blazes down on you as you call to the Kai Lords guarding the gates of the Oasis. Wavering mirages linger on the dunes along the horizon. When the gates are finally opened, you are greeted by a tall, blonde guard with close cropped hair. He asks, "What is your name and why are you travelling the desert at this hour of the day?" You sheepishly explain "I am called Traveller and I am new to the desert." He laughs and says, "Aye, I was like you when I first traveled here from Sommerlund. The Dry Main has a way of changing your travel habits. It's best to travel during the morning and evening when Kai turns a friendlier face on the dunes." You thank him for his advice and slip into the Oasis.

You drink deeply from a pool that occupies the western end of the Oasis. The water relieves the tight dryness of your throat. With your thirst satisfied, you cover your eyes against the glare and look more closely at your surroundings. There are several mud-brick buildings within the walls enclosing the Oasis. Apart from the guards that let you pass the gate, you see no one else in the compound. A building on the north is labeled as the Parched Throat Tavern. Ahead of you, on the east, is the largest building which flies the flags of Sommerlund and of the Order of the Kai. You guess that this building serves as the Command Post and barracks for the Kai warriors that control the Oasis. To one side of the barracks, you notice a small, non-descript building. You call to the blonde guard and ask him what the purpose of this third building is. He replies, "That's Dusty Shelf's Study. He's probably asleep right now like everyone else."

You take another long drink of the clear water and then wander in search of company in this seemingly deserted Oasis. . .

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