Long night is over
leaving the desert in bloom
with shadow and light. . .

The rising sun warms your chilled blood; the desert is suprisingly cold this early in the morning. As you enter the gates of the Oasis, you have to dodge several camels and caravanners going in the other direction. They are travelling early to avoid the heat of the midday sun. All around the Oasis, people are either making preparations to leave or settling in for the day: loading cargo on over-burdened camels, filling their water skins from a pool to the west, pitching tents and bidding farewell to friends gained during the night's stay at the Oasis. Everything is cast in a grey-green light in the early morning.

Sitting down on the edge of the pool, you look more closely at your surroundings. There are several mud-brick buildings within the walls enclosing the Oasis. Several drunken carvanners stumble from a building on the North which is labeled Parched Throat Tavern. Ahead of you, on the East, is the largest building which flies the flags of Sommerlund and of the Order of the Kai. You guess that this building serves as the Command Post and barracks for the Kai warriors that control the Oasis. To one side of the barracks, you notice a small, non-descript building. You ask a passing Kai monk "Greetings. My name is Traveller. What is the purpose of that small building there?" Looking torn between continuing on her way to a well deserved rest and answering your question, she replies "That's old Dusty Shelf's Study. You're welcome to visit but don't keep him up too long."

Basking in the warming sunlight, you decide to find out about the Oasis before the sun gets too high. . .

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