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Desert Lynx's Oasis

Command Post

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Welcome to the Oasis' Command Post. Desert Lynx ushers you into a room lit by two lanterns that hang by chains from the vaulted ceiling. Their yellow glow reveals a tidy room dominated by a desk of the finest Sommlending Oak. Two windows in the wall above the desk reveal a greenish sunset typical of the desert. The spartan furnishings lend the room a regimented feeling mirrored by the neat appearance of its occupant.

Crest of Lyris August 98 WinnerOn the wall above the desk hangs a coat of arms that you vaguely remember as being from Lyris. When you ask about it's presence in his office, Desert Lynx gets a somewhat smug look on his face and explains that the Oasis' sister outpost in Lyris has honored the Oasis with the coveted Crest of Lyris.

Desert Lynx waits for you to sit before he seats himself across the desk from you. With a friendly smile, he offers to answer your questions about the Oasis over a glass of larnuma wine.

If you have the time, Desert Lynx offers to take you on a guided tour.

He is also willing to show you how the Oasis looked in the beginning of the occupation by the Kai.

I have created a Privacy Statement for those concerned.

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My Goals and Ideals

My ambition with this site is to provide information about Joe Dever's Lone Wolf series. I will attempt to make this information accessible to as many fans as is possible. To do this I will:

  1. Make my HTML compliant with the HTML 4.0 transitional specification.
  2. Provide alternatives for users with older and/or text-only browsers where I use images, image maps, etc. I have abandoned my ambition to provide alternatives to non-table compliant browsers. The information is accessible, if unattractive, to such user-agents and I don't have the time to maintain two copies of the same information. My logs showed that the alternatives that I had provided were accessed rarely anyway.
  3. Provide intuitive navigation of my site.
  4. Make the content of my site clear and error free.
  5. Keep file sizes to a minimum for users with slower transfer mechanisms.

If you see that there are ways in which I can improve my website design, please be a good net-citizen and let me know. (

As a part of the Web Accessibility Initiative, I have created the following accessibility plan in addition to the above:

  1. All pages will be compliant with the HTML 4.0 Transitional Recommendation.
  2. All pages will be readable without a Cascading Style Sheets compliant web browser.
  3. Headings (<h1>, <h2>, etc.) will be used as logical headings, not to resize text.
  4. No use of <font> tags to resize text.
  5. Descriptive titles in <hr>'s
  6. All images and image maps have alt attributes.
  7. Use []'s to enclose consecutive links except in text where this would obscure meaning.

This plan was created under the assumption that, since none of the Lone Wolf books were published in braille and only two were turned into audio recordings, few of the visitors to the Oasis would be legally blind. This assumption made, I didn't need to make certain adjustments for screen reading web browsers. Please let me know if this assumption is flawed.

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