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Note: You will need to create a new user the first time that you enter. You can also sign on as a guest but that's not as fun.


If you have any problems, consult LiveUniverse's Frequently Asked Questions or their help page. If you're still having problems, contact me.


  1. Remember to be courteous.
  2. Keep the conversation appropriate for people 10 years old and older. This means no adult language, explicit sexual discussion, graphic descriptions of violence, etc. I will quickly ban those that are guilty of breaking this rule.
  3. If you're not familiar with netiquette, please read an article about netiquette.
  4. If someone is being truly obnoxious or misusing this chat room, contact me.

Kaiwisdom Mailing List

The purpose of this chat room is to let us get to know each other on a more personal basis. The audience that you have here at the Tavern is limited. If you want to contact many fans at once, you should do so on the Kaiwisdom mailing list. If you're not already a member then you can join by sending an email message to with the word 'subscribe' in the body of the message without the quotes. This is how it would look in my favorite email program, PINE:

---- Message Text ----

This will subscribe you from the email account that you used to send the message.

There's lots of fans on Kaiwisdom that would love to hear from you.

Useful Commands

/whois handle
This is equivalent to the Find/Search command and will popup a box with information about handle.
/q any-quote
This will set your quote to any-quote.
/me action
This sends a chat message to the room about the action you made. For example, if you type
  • /me laughs
and your handle is John then the message
  • *** John laughs
will be broadcast.
/w who message
This will send a room whisper to who. For example, if you type
  • /w Mary wanna go somewhere else?
and your name is John, then Mary will receive the message
  • John whispers: wanna go somewhere else?
These whispers will be included in the flow of conversation and will only work when both people are in the same room.
This will roll an n-sided die (if n is missing, a 6-sided die is assumed).

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