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Joe Dever has, on occasion, made personal contributions to the Oasis. I am grateful that he has taken the time out of his busy schedule to add to the online Lone Wolf community. This section of the Oasis is dedicated to his contributions. The material displayed here will eventually make its way into other areas of the Oasis.

Beyond the contributions that he has made directly to the Oasis, he has made the whole thing possible through his creations. His creativity has provided a channel for my own.

Many thanks to Joe Dever!!

Julian Egelstaff has the transcript of an e-mail interview with Joe Dever at the Kai Monastery. The interview was put together by the members of the Kaiwisdom mailing list.


If you want to let Joe Dever how you feel about his series, send me a short message (200 words or less) that will be posted on this page. I reserve the right to refuse any submission for any reason.

[S]incere gratitude to Mr. Dever for his wonderful work on the original Lone Wolf series. I was a very reluctant reader when I was younger ( I hated it to be exact ). I was first drawn in by the artwork on the front of Flight from the Dark. This was the first experience I had ever had that reading could captivate my imagination so completely, and hold my attention so tightly. I loved it! Reading his series transformed me, and my desire to read increased ten fold!! I would read and re-read each story five or six times, trying out all the possible scenarios, so I could have the whole experience. Magical.

I have, in the 13 years that have passed since I started to read his series, read probably over 300 books in the Sci-Fi/Fantasy, genre. I just wanted to thank him, for opening a marvelous universe in an until then, closed off mind.

My sincere thanks Mr. Dever,
Scott Courson

Before I ever read Lone Wolf, I was not a big fan of fantasy. I had played a few role-playing games and read some of those "choose your own adventure" books, but nothing could have prepared me for the wonder that was Lone Wolf.

Quite literally, these books changed my life for the better. I never thought that I could be so affected by any one thing, but I was wrong. I'll never forget the great moments in the series, they are as fresh in my mind now as the day I first read them. I thank you for giving me something to believe in.

Rick Grotzky

When I was younger I ordered a Chose Your Own Adventure book from the Troll Book Club. I was hooked. My first encounter with your wonderful work was Caverns of Kalte. My english teacher had a copy. From the first section, I was addicted. It is one thing to write choices into a book, but quite another to do so in a well-written, truly imaginative manner. As fantasy fiction goes, your work is truly among the very best. I hope you plan to release future books, and I hope some publisher here in the U.S. has the sense to realize that we who read the Lon[e] Wolf [series] are loyal and are waiting in line with [bated] breath for the next adventure.

Carl Reyes

I've been a complete addict of Dever stuff ever since I first read 'The Caverns of Kalte' when I was eight. The storyline blew me away - I was hooked instantly.The influence of the Lone Wolf storyline may have effected me in my formative years. The tales of adventure, dedication and honour struck a chord in me. That could explain why I developed a severe case of wanderlust, a love of martial arts and a penchant for helping hard-luck cases; as well as being a total sci-fantasy freak. I hope Dever finds a place for Magnamund in the electronic domain - I'd love to see more people get bitten by the Wolf.

[Matt Hunter]

As far as I can recall, I have been looking for an image of the "perfect hero", in which I could imagine myself, since my early teens. And my craving desire for this embodiment was growing restlessly unsatisfied until I discovered the Lone Wolf series. The beauty of the world, the perfect logic of the rules that govern it, and the telling of such epic stories made me an immediate addict.

I found the Lone Wolf books in a moment when I really needed that kind of material, and they actually did change my life -- and for the best. My whole teens have been a lot happier thanks to them. And thanks to you, Mr. Dever, for the writing. You made a change.

Laurent Bercot

Dear Mr. Dever

Ever since my 19 year old brother gave me a copy of the Flight from the Dark/Fire on the Water omnibus and I read it for the second time when I was 12 (which I am today) I was hooked on Lone Wolf. I especially love the novels you and John Grant wrote. I am currently reading Sword of the Sun and am awaiting my local library to give me a copy of Shadow on the Sand.

Thanks for having the time to read this.
May Kai & Ishir be with you.

Youthful Fox
Martin Hughes

Of all the role play games I have thus far encountered, Lone Wolf is the greatest--and I feel that I can make this satatement without a shadow of doubt. I have in my possession books 1-7, 15, 17, and the World of Lone Wolf series. However, to my great disappointment I discovered that interest in this particular style of role play had waned, and that the other books were no longer avaidable. Worse still, the epic was not concluded.

[Ian Johnson]

I started reading the Lone Wolf books when I was 12. I am now 26, and I still enjoy them. I would like to thank Mr. Dever for personally responding to a letter I mailed him when I was 15. Talk about excitement! When I received that letter I was on cloud nine for weeks.

Mr. Dever has created the most interesting, fully developed world this side of "Star Wars" and "The Wheel of Time." I would like to make one very important plea to Mr. Dever: What are you waiting on? Hollywood beckons! A well done Lone Wolf movie would make hundred of millions of dollars. It would be huge. With the advances in computer animation it could be done at a reasonable cost.

Just a thought that I've had for about twelve years.

Thanks for the great series Mr. Dever.
[Darrell Doll]

I would like to let Mr. Dever know that his books are well written and challengeing. After a year of reading them, I have decided to take out the camcorder and make a short movie to show at parties and whenever the members of a Lonewolf Club I started come over. Thank you very much for your series. Keep it up.

Nick Violante, tutelary.

Though I am an adult now, I got started in Lone Wolf when I was a teenager by borrowing the first few books that my brother had bought. It changed my life and my childhood and heightened my imagination. It changed my outlook on reading and was what eventually got me into reading adult fantasy novels.

Joe Dever has touched the hearts of so many young kids wanting to be involved in the world of fantasy. Many other companies had released similar types of books around the same time. The difference was that the world of Magnamund was created so vividly and the writings provided more excitement than repeats of the same old stuff other companies put into their books trying to just get money from their old fans. Lone Wolf was new, and had so much more thought put into it and was so much more involved.

I wish to thank Joe for having the heart he has and for using the talent he has been given. God bless Joe and all his work to this point and to come in the future.

[Jason Leonard]


I'm not sure what to write here. There is so much I'd like to say to Joe and Gary. Like when I was 10 years old and first came in contact with the "Lone Wolf" books; Or, when I first survived through all books after reading them about 15 times, and it felt like time stopped.... They've given me so much joy through all these years. And now, when I on this page discovered that there actually are more than 12 books (I'm from sweden and they never translated more than 12 of the Lone Wolf and 3 of the Grey Star)... I simply can't express my feeling over this letter....

Thank you Joe and thank you Gary. Live long and well.
/Dargo, Member of Kai

My name's Jusin. I live in Ontario, Canada. I'm 18 and have been reading Joe Dever's Lone Wolf series for 10 years. And man... that opening I just wrote makes this all sound like a big AA meeting. How ironic, because, well... I'm addicted to Lone Wolf. We all are. Com'on, admit it... You wouldn't be reading this if you weren't. What, you just happened to stumble onto one of the only two Lone Wolf related sites on the internet? No, you're here because you love the series. I haven't read past book 20. I don't want to enjoy the New Order series only to see it never get completed. The publishers seem to have lost faith in Dever's works. They're wrong. My Lone Wolf series spines are falling apart I read them so often. They have inspired me in so many ways.

Publishers... We're waiting for them... All you have to do is print them.

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