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Getting the Books

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If you really like Lone Wolf, you must have the books. Finding them can be frustrating at times. Availability varies from area to area and many of the books are going out-of-print. Here are a few of my suggestions about hunting down these treasures.

[What books are available?] [How do I look?]

What books are available?

There is no short answer to this question. It depends on where you are looking, what resources you have and how much you are willing to pay in postage. You just have to look to find out.

The following are all out-of-print.

You will generally not be able to get out of print books from retailers but look anyway. You never know.

You will not be able to find Lone Wolf 21+ in the US. The only english versions were printed in the UK.

How do I look?

Ravishing!! <grin>

  1. Retail Bookstores -- This is a good first place to look because they are the most convenient and reliable.
    • The books are generally found in the children's or young adult books. Some stores even have a young adult series section. Ask an assistant if you can't find them.
    • Check more than one store; different stores have different books.
    • If no one has what you want on the shelves, ask them to order it from their suppliers. There should be no charge for this service and they should be able to tell you if it's not available.

  2. University Bookstores «c» -- They might be willing to order the books from overseas without any shipping charges!!
  3. Used Bookstores -- You might be surprised what you can find in a used bookstore and for less money than new bookstores.
    • Remember to look under all possible author's names (i.e. Dever, Joe; Grant, John; Page, Ian; Chalk, Gary).
    • Also check all applicable sections. The books could be in science fiction, fantasy, children's, etc. Sometimes, there is even a special paperback section. If you're looking for the Magnamund Companion«c», look in the oversized sections. It might take some cleverness and patience to find what you want.
    • Check your telephone directory for the nearest used bookstores. It's worth your while to check them all.
    • If after thoroughly checking all the nearest bookstores you still can't find what you want, you might consider having the used bookstore do a book search for you. Not all bookstores provide this service and there is often a fee.

  4. Retail Bookstores Online -- Since you already have access to the internet, this is your next best option.
    • Here are a few online services that I'm aware of (for an up-to-date list see the Links page):
      WebsiteLocation Credit Card Alternative?
      www.bookstore.co.ukUK Yes
      www.bookshop.co.ukUK No
      www.bookzone.co.ukUK Yes
      www.bookpages.co.ukUK Yes
      www.waterstones.co.ukUK Yes
      www.amazon.comUS Yes
    • Be aware of where you're ordering from. It's best to order from a bookservice close to you; the postage will be less. Use the ones further from you only if can't get what you want closer to home.
    • Be aware of what edition you're ordering. Is it UK or US?
    • The ISBN lists could be helpful when finding the specific books that you want. Each ISBN (International Standard Book Number) is assigned to a unique title/edition. Some of the bookservices offer a search by ISBN.
    • Be careful to order the correct book and if you receive the wrong book, let them know as soon as you get it. They should refund your money or offer some kind of compensation.
    • If your selected service has a secure server for your credit card transaction, use it. If not, consider trying someone else. A secure server, when used with a compatible browser, encrypts (scrambles) all information sent back and forth. It's easier than you think to intercept your credit card information if you don't use a secure server. All of the websites listed above have a secure server.
    • If you don't have access to a credit card, most of these services provide an alternative. Most require payments in UK Sterling or US Dollars. If you pay with a US Postal order, make sure that it is the international version.

  5. Last Resort -- What to do if you still can't find it.
    • Used/Rare Bookstores Online -- You can often find what you're looking for here. The rules for online retailers apply here also. Here are a few:
      www.bibliofind.com -- Book search service
    • Conventional Mail -- Most online services will allow you to make transactions through conventional mail.
    • Over the Phone -- Some of the online retailers offer some phone assistance and transactions.
    • Ask Around -- Ask online in relevant newsgroups and mailing lists. Those of us on the Kaiwisdom mailing list are glad to help. Ask your friends.

Happy Hunting!!

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