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Magnamund Tome

Transcribed by Kai Lord Dusty Shelf
Last update to any part of Magnamund Tome on MS 16 January 1998

Warning: the information in this tome can spoil the fun of discovering the world of Lone Wolf for yourself. Judge wisely!!

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This tome is made available to all interested entities in the vastness of Aon through the exhaustive efforts of Lord Dusty Shelf. This tome is a work in progress. It is intended to be the sum of all knowledge peculiar to Aon, the Daziarn and the realms of the Gods; a universe created by the imagination of Great Sage Joe Dever. This tome is the transcription into hypertext of the accounts of the adventures of Lone Wolf, Grey Star, et al. The work of transcription may take a while. If you have any suggestions, send an epistle to this lonely scribe and cast a ray of Kai's Light upon his dreary task.

Please let us know if you have any corrections, criticisms or appropriate contributions and we will credit you for your work. The more the merrier. The plan is to have Dusty Shelf go book by book through the Lone Wolf, Legends of Lone Wolf and World of Lone Wolf series to record any arcana. Depending on his free time and diligence, this might take some time.

The books covered so far are:

Keep this in mind when making suggestions. If the material you are about to comment on is from a book not covered, be patient; Dusty Shelf will get there.

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