Parched Throat Tavern

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Marduk takes you upstairs to a long, well lit room. The ceiling here is higher than that of the tavern's main hall. The first thing that catches your eye are the several paintings that hang on the sand-colored walls. It seems oddly appropriate that such grim beauty should exist above a tavern in the middle of the Dry Main. Each depicts something that pertains to the exploits of Lone Wolf and the war against the forces of Naar. You also notice a set of Vassagonian rugs arranged in a circle in the middle of the floor.

When you ask about the purpose of the rugs, Marduk explains that this is where he entertains his guests with his best stories that he has heard from travellers. He invites you to admire the art work on the walls while he waits for the other guests to arrive.

When the others have arrived, Marduk begins his telling of tales. . .

Marduk is looking for art work and fan fiction from across Magnamund to fill the Gallery. So if you want everyone to see your work, send any fiction to me at and if you have art work, please make arrangements with me ahead of time because my inbox has a memory limit.

I reserve the right to refuse material submitted for any reason. I will check the spelling and grammar and if you ask, offer editorial comments. Some things to remember:

  1. I don't guarantee to accept all contributions. Your work doesn't have to be spectacular but I will uphold some literary/artistic standards of quality. That said, even if you don't think your work is up to your own standards (who does?), send it in; maybe my standards are lower than yours. *grin*
  2. Please keep it appropriate for ages 10+. That means if my mother would be embarassed/nauseated by it, chances are I won't accept it.
  3. If you're planning to contribute artwork, remember that image size is important. More colors and larger dimensions lead to larger image sizes. I have lots more room than I used to but it's not infinite. If you need some help reducing the size of images, I may be able to help you.
  4. Be careful about copyright laws. Also, just because you contribute something doesn't me that it becomes mine. I figure it's on loan and that you can take it back at any time.
  5. If you don't know HTML, don't worry about it. Just send your work in a plain text file (ASCII preferred) and I'll make the necessary HTML.
  6. If you'd like to write something in a foreign language, I'd be happy to accept it. Of course I'd have to trust you about the literary quality and age appropriateness. *smile*

Here are some resources for the budding author:

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