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After making sure of your good intentions, Dusty Shelf gingerly hands you a very new looking book. It is slim and neat and seems out of place with all of the other musty books in his study. You can't help but stare at the book. The globe depicted in the picture on the cover seems to be moving imperceptibly and the stars seem to twinkle. You could swear that the picture is an actual microcosm. Strange, luminescent lettering proclaims this book as the Magnamundicon. Dusty Shelf explains, "This book is a joint effort between me and my friends among the Brotherhood of the Crystal Star. It is a magical atlas that allows its reader to see different lands across Magnamund."

[Open the Magnamundicon]

Dusty Shelf continues, "Once you've opened the book, you will see a map, a compass and legend. To change the map shown in the Magnamundicon, touch the points of the compass to go in their respective directions. To recenter the Magnamundicon, touch the center of the compass. You may also touch parts of the map to receive details about a particular place. To view the legend again once it has been changed to describe a particular place, touch the word 'Legend'."

Note: The Magnamundicon isn't guaranteed to work with all browsers. I have tested it successfully using Nescape 3.x and higher and Internet Explorer 4.x and higher. It definitely will not work with Netscape 2.x. As of the present (15 May 1999), the Magnamundicon works best in IE 4.x and higher.

If you can't use the Magnamundicon, here's a list of the currently available maps:

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