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The purpose of this register is to collect the names of people who enjoy Lone Wolf. It's important to know that you're not alone. I realized this when I found the Kai Monastery. This list should provide a stable list of fans for all to see. There is strength in numbers.

It is my hope that someday there will be enough of us Lone Wolf fans together that we will want create an organization. This register of fans' names could be an important step in this process.

If you have submitted your name and the Register has been updated since, but you don't see your name on the Register and you haven't received a confirmation e-mail message, chances are that I had a problem sending you an e-mail. Either I didn't receive an address, I received an incorrect one, or possibly I made an error typing your address. Please resubmit your name (after you're sure the Register has been updated since your previous submission) and make sure you provide a correct e-mail address. If the confirmation message is returned as undeliverable, I won't put your name on the Register. Sorry, but I must have a way to get ahold of you at least once.

If you would like to change the information about yourself on the site, let me know.

The entries are in the order of when I received the information.

[Private information removed]

USA149 Italy9 Czech Republic1
UK25 Germany8 Denmark1
Australia21 Spain7 Hungary1
Singapore21 New Zealand6 Japan1
Malaysia20 France5 Mexico1
Sweden15 Ireland3 Phillippines1
South Africa11 Austria1 Russia1
Canada10 Belgium1 Switzerland1
   Colombia1 Not Responding15
Number of Countries25 Number of Registrants336

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