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Nation profiles inside {}'s have been contributed by Jeffrey Li and appear in the Magnamund Companion.

The Primitive/Drodarin Nations

The Kingdom of Boden

Ruler:King Lomaer II
Resources:Iron ore, bronin, gold, silver, rare metals, rare minerals, agriculture, fish
Currency:Ain (1 Ain = 1 Gold Crown)

The surviving dwarves of southern Magnamund, known in some lands as the Droda, settled in the Boden Peaks following the destruction of their kin during the great plague of 2514 MS. Unlike their cousins in Bor, they chose to build castle-fortresses in the steep-sided mountain valleys of their kingdom, rather that mining and tunnelling underground. A strong alliance exists with the giants of Starn, and the Droda have grown very rich from trade along the Tentarias.

The Icy Wastes of Kalte

Ruler:Brumalmarc Kzu'tooa
Currency:Gold Crown (Ljuk only)

The Icy Wastes of Kalte are controlled by a warlike race of nomads called Ice Barbarians. Their only contact with the rest of Magnamund is through the trading post of Ljuk. Their ruler (MS 5050), the Brumalmarc Kzu'tooa, reigns over his snowy domain from the ice fortress of Ikaya, formerly a Shianti fortress built during the Age of Awakening.

The Cloud-Realm of the Azanam

Ruler:King Okosa
Resources:Rare herbs, rare minerals, timber, spices

The peninsula of this humid rain forest remained unexplored for many ages due to the natural hostility and inaccessibility of the land, and the ferocity of its primitive peoples -- the Kazan Islanders. Following the destruction of Lara in MS 4663, the Kundi tribe fled to the Azanam and took refuge here, building their new kindom in the tops of the massive Azawood trees.

The Burntlands of Lara

Ruler:Shasarak the Wytch-king
Population:2,000 +
Resources:Sparse agriculture
Currency:Noble (1 Noble = 1 Gold Crown)

Prior to the coming of the Shadaki, Lara was the realm of the primitive Kundi tribe who inhabited its lush mountain forests. But in the year MS 4663, the forests were burnt to the ground by order of Shasarak the Wytch-king, in retribution for the guerrilla warfare waged by the Kundi upon his Shadakine armies. Following the destruction of their home, the Kundi disappeared, but later reappeared in the jungles of the Azanam. Lara is now a desolate land populated by a few settlers from Shadaki who farm its scorched hills.

The Dark Forest of Fernmost

Resources:Rare herbs, rare flora, rare timbers

This large forest was formerly part of Taklakot until the destuction of that kingdom in the year MS 3280. Fernmost has since been cloaked in mystery for it survived the devastation of the Great Blast, yet its trees changed and mutated in extraordinary ways. Strange creatures and tales of vast treasure vaults beneath the blood-red soil have tempted the adventurous to their doom. It is said that no person who has ever entered Fernmost has returned sane in mind after their experiences there.

The Wilderlands of Kaum

Population:1,000 +
Resources:Silver, gems, rare metals, rare herbs

Reputedly still a stronghold of the Cenerese druids, these mountainous wilderlands have posed a continual threat to the stability and security of neighbouring states. In particular, Halia and Lunarlia have suffered persistant attacks from black-skinned giants who use evil herb-sorcery (tell-tale hallmark of the Cenerese) to devastating effect. Many human settlers have been kidnapped by these giants, and all retaliation has so far proved fruitless for the mountains of Kaum are a formidable natural stronghold.

The Mythenish/Tianese Nations


{ Ruler:King Rhetaka
  Resources:Fish, timber, shipbuilding, gold, silver, iron ore, copper, spices
  Currency:Ren }

The Mythenish race were the first men to settle in Southern Magnamund following the creation of the Moonstone. They appeared in Vaduzhan in MS 289 and quickly migrated to the north and east, having first established their cities on the Mythenian peninsula. The Great Civil War of MS 1620 split Vaduzhan and gave birth to the neighbouring dictatorship of Bhanar. Hostility between the nations has cooled although border incidents and trade wars are still commonplace.

The Island Principalities of Myhtan

{ Ruler:Grand Prince Tsumobi
  Resources:Shipbuilding, fish, silver, copper, spices
  Currency:Ren }

The mainland and islands of Myhtan have long enjoyed the benefits of controlling the narrow straits which give access to the Chai Sea. The citizens are, by nature, seafaring traders. Their merchant fleets are the largest in all of Magnmamund and their blue and gold ensign is a common sight in any trading port. They are also gifted at diplomacy, a skill which has helped them to avoid the many wars that have plagued their neighbours over the last centuries.

The Plainlands of Lissan

{ Ruler:King Samu (in exile)
  Capital:The Tent City of Rakholi
  Population:220,000 (prior to MS 5054)
  Resources:Horses, agriculture, copper, silver, iron ore
  Currency:Ren }

Formerly inhabited by the proud warrior race of plains nomads called the Masbaté, the Mythenish peoples of this region were decimated almost to a man by the invasion of Shasarak the Wytch-king and his evil host of Zadakar demons in the early months of MS 5054 [probably MS 5045]. After a prolonged war using his chariot legions, the evil Wytch-king unleashed the abomination of the Zadakar against whom the Masbaté had no defence. Their ruler, King Samu, survived the extermination of his people and fled east to escape Shasarak's monsters who now inhabit the plains (MS 5050).

The Province of Andui

{ Ruler:Mother Chow-loon
  Resources:Agriculture, iron ore, copper
  Currency:Noble }

This land-locked province was once part of the state of Korli, but its fiercely independent inhabitants broke with Korlian rule following the discovery of mineral wealth in the mountains of the Kashima range. The fertile lands that border upon the rivers Anduis and Kalamar have since experienced many wars contesting their rightful ownership. Anduian forts sprang up to defend this border, but they proved ineffective in preventing the Shadakine from invading and occupying Andui in MS 4665.

The Province of Suhn

{ Ruler:Mother Magri
  Capital:Port of Suhn
  Resources:Fish, spices, rare herbs, rare minerals, shipbuilding
  Currency:Noble }

From the earliest settlement of Suhn, its industrious inhabitants have preserved a careful neutrality through skilful diplomacy and the intrigues of its ruling household -- the Shy-gin. However, many of the petty wars which have befallen Suhn's neighbours have been caused by the devious manipulations of Suhnese nobles and ambassadors who have profitted from these conflicts. Too small to dominate and too influential to be conquered by other Tianese nations, Suhn remained untouched by war until the coming of the Shadakine . The Shy-gin chose to capitulate to the Shadaki invaders in order to remain intact, rather that engage in fruitless resistance to Shasarak's rule.

The Desolation of Taklakot

{ Ruler:The Mad King of Gyanima
  Capital:Gyanima: The Forbidden City
  Resources:Mostly Destroyed
  Currency:Kote (10 Kotes = 1 Gold Crown) }

In the year MS 3154, the land of Taklakot rose to power following the arrival of the renegade Shianti wizard -- Shasarak the Great -- who created had refused to obey the call to exile of his fellow Shianti brothers. The power of his 'sun-stone' accelerated the evolution of the Taklakotians, but by their own ineptness, its power was eventually misused and brought about the total destruction of their land. It became known as Desolation Valley, and the only city which remained -- Gyanima -- was shunned by all outsiders due to the curse of a terrible wasting sickness that befell nearly all who dared enter its environs.

The Freedom Guild of Karnali

{ Ruler:Sado of the Long Knife
  Resources:Rare hides (Chaksu), rare minerals, agriculture, fish
  Currency:Noble (1 Noble = 1 Gold Crown) }

The people of this land have long held a reputation for being tough and indomitable, a reflection of the region that they chose to inhabit. The bleak marshes and deadland of Karnali attracted Tianese frontiersmen who were prepared to suffer the hardships of this region in order to free the soil of its considerable mineral wealth. Naturally rebelious, Karnali was the first nation to throw off the yoke of Shadakine oppression in the year MS 5050, after having been the last region to fall to their domination.

The Vaderish/Aluvian Nations

The Protectorate of Cincoria

{ Ruler:Margrave Vactor XXIV
  Resources:Timber, agriculture, shipbuilding, silver
  Currency:Lune (4 Lune = 1 Gold Crown) }

Established in the year MS 1199 as a religious refuge from the doctrines of the Grand Duchy of Kasland, Cincoria prospered and grew in strength under the leadership of the first Margrave. But with the coming of the Nael, Cincoria found herself drawn into a succession of bitter conflicts with the war-like Klanorians. Much of her southern territory, including the gold-rich Klann mountains, were lost to the enemy. Were it not for the unexpected aid of Kasland, Cincoria would undoubtedly have suffered total defeat during these wars.

The Kingdom of Delden

{ Ruler:King Naumon III
  Resources:Agriculture, timber, shipbuilding, ore
  Currency:Gold Crown }

Ever since the building of Luyen in MS 1862, the rulers of Delden have found themselves at war with neighbouring kingdoms, each of whom have at some time laid claim to rightful ownership of that city. The Knights of the Owl, an alliance of embittered nobles outlawed in their native lands, established Delden from land won in wars with Magador and Eldenora during the Age of the Black Moon. The knighthood disintegrated soon after the War of the Lorestone, and the crown of Delden was claimed by the House of Naumon, former rulers of Eldenora.

The Unified Principalities of Eldenora

{ Ruler:Prince Cillan of Tyssek
  Resources:Timber, agriculture, silver, shipbuilding
  Currency:Gold Crown }

The rich timber-valleys and silver mines of Eldenora attracted the settlement of Vaderish and Aluvian migrants from Southern Magnamund. Jealously the first of these settlers guarded their land, forcing later migrants to continue northwards into Slovia and Salony. Distrust and envy, ugly but common traits amoung Eldenorians, led them into many wars with their neighbours and into civil strife amongst themselves. It remains an unstable country in the hans of ruthless and selfish princlings.

The Principality of Eru

{ Ruler:Prince Graygor
  Resources:Iron ore, copper, tin, gold, gems
  Currency:Lune }

The climate and terrain of Eru is harsh and inhospitable; were it not for the abundance of natural resources, the early Vaderish pioneers would undoubtedly have moved on to a more agreeable land. Mining settlements suffer repeated attacks from the creatures of the Hellswamp, and lightning raids by Drakkarim renegades of the Hardlands. Prince Graygor and his small army are unable to defend their borders from attacks that are destroying their land.

The Dukedom of Halia

{ Ruler:Duke Isak, Freelordain of Halia
  Resources:Timber, tin, copper
  Currency:Lune }

In the year MS 1306, Duke Saldor the Recanter rebeled against the Legue of the Sword and exiled himself to the forested hills of Halia. Many disgruntled knights followed him into exile and pledged themselves to his cause. A brief campaign was fought and lost by the League after which the outlawed realm of Halia became a sanctuary for those seeking an escape from the austerity of Ilion.

The Leaguelands of Ilion

{ Ruler:League of the Sword (Council of Elder Knights)
  Resources:Agriculture, shipbuilding, copper, horses
  Currency:Lune }

Ilion was once part of Lencia until the Vaderish Knights of the Sword were granted independance in MS 1294. The fertile grasslands that surround Feravan are well known for the wild white horses that live there. They are long-lived and intelligent creatures, much prized by the League for their ability to understand the languages of men. A strong alliance exists between Ilion and Talestria, and the Knights of the League form a regiment of cavalry in the army of Queen Evaine.

The Grand Duchy of Kasland

{ Ruler:Archduke Chalamis
  Resources:Iron ore, timber, fish, shipbuilding, copper
  Currency:Orla (2 Orla = 1 Gold Crown) }

With the arrival of the Aluvian peoples, the Grand Duchy was the first of their kingdoms to be established in Southern Magnamund. It became the base for further expansion across the Tentarias and the spiritual home of their culture and religion. In MS 1199, the War of Recension saw the birth of Cincoria, a breakaway state established by Margrave Vactor I as a refuge for his recensionist followers.

The Great Union of Lunarlia

{ Ruler:King Aluvaria XV
  Resources:Agriculture, iron ore, timber, shipbuilding, copper, gems, bronin
  Currency:Lune }

In MS 1234, the Great Union was founded on many smaller Aluvian states that shared the fertile plains of central Magnamund. Barbaric attacks by the creatures of Kaum, Naaros and the Kelderwastes, plagued these states for over a century before the Union of Lunarlia established a standing army large enough and strong enough to defend the plains. With the arrival of the war-like Nael in MS 1309, Lunarlia was plunged into the Great Plains Wars, but emerged victorious at the decisive battle of Kaylar Flat (MS 1366).

The Republic of Palmyrion

{ Ruler:Elector Manatine of Vanamor
  Resources:Agriculture, timber, fish, shipbuilding
  Currency:Lune }

In a region of Magnamund plagued by civil strife and petty power struggles, the Republic of Palmyrion stands like a beacon to justice and sanity. Her strong elected government and her massive regular army guarantees the defence of her borders, and the continued support of her ally -- Talestria.

The Nael/Nael-Aluvian Nations

The Kingdom of Rezovia

{ Ruler:King Delhan
  Resources:Agriculture, fish, shipbuilding, timber, tin, copper
  Currency:Orla }

The Kingdom of Rezovia was established by Nael migrants who chose to settle and farm the lush river plains of the Mens. Conflict with neighbouring Lunarlia has led to many wars and the gradual loss of western territories. In MS 3856, it joined with Siyen in a military alliance to defend mutual interests along the Tentarias. It was an alliance that many fear was orchestrated by the Darklords of Helgedad.

The Palinate of Firalond

{ Ruler:Grandar Beylian
  Resources:Cloth, textiles, agriculture, iron ore (little)
  Currency:Lune }

The cotton-rich plains of Firalond are famed for the high quality cloth and textiles that originate there. Firina -- "the Linen City" -- has a long tradition of freedom that has attracted merchants and exiles from less tolerant nations. Strong links with Kakush and Anari have made them enemies of Vassagonia, and agents of the Zakhan have attempted the assassination of Firalending Grandars many times during the last two hundred years.

The Theocracy of Valerion

{ Ruler:Fathers of the Truth
  Resources:Timber, rare metals, rare minerals, agriculture, silver, fish
  Currency:Lune }

The Holy Fathers of the Truth established their theocracy in MS 1961 as a retreat and a sanctuary for their order. Religious persecution and superstitious intolerance of their faith had driven them out of Siyen and northern Shadaki, forcing them to settle in the hills and jungles of Valerion. The city of Kelis is a holy shrine to their order and a place of sacred pilgrimage for believers of their faith.

The Senatocracy of Lourden

{ Ruler:The Senate of Arlcor
  Resources:Cloth, textiles, agriculture, silver, minerals, iron ore
  Currency:Lune }

A strong and fiercly independent state, Lourden has managed to resist becomming involved in the conflicts that have caused the demise of her less-fortunate neighbours. The democratically elected senate of Arlcor is considered by many to have attained an ideal; a wise elected government and a fair system of justice in a region that has seen many wars and other unnatural disasters.

The Lastlander/Old Kingdom Nations

The Plenary of Bautar

{ Ruler:Magnalord Fennic
  Resources:Rare herbs, timber, fish, copper, bronin
  Currency:Gold Crown }

The small dominion of Bautar is both a place of pilgrimage and the home of the Herbalish people who first appeared during the Age of the Old Kingdoms. Devoted to the study and practice of the healing arts, the many orders of the Herbalish are to be found spread throughout the lands of northern and southern Magnamund. As sworn enemies of the Cenerese, they are pledged to the eventual destruction of Ruel and the extermination of her agents of evil.

The Realm of Ruel

{ Ruler:Grand Druid Cadak
  Resources:Rare herbs, timber, fish
  Currency:Lune }

The druids of Ruel are the descendants of the Cenerese who rose to power during the Age of the Old Kingdoms. They are and evil and malicious race who seek to twist and pervert the natural order of the land. The Great Plague of 2514 MS which decimated the Elder Magi, was caused and spread by the druids of Ruel. In the wake of the disease they took control of central Magnamund and ruled it until the Herbalish defeated them in the Druid Wars of MS 1968. Their empire was destroyed but their stronghold of Ruel was unbroken.

The Gynarchy of Telchos

{ Ruler:Council of Thirty
  Resources:Silver, platinum, iron ore, gold, agriculture, fish, rare gems
  Currency:Telc (1 Telc = 1 Gold Crown) }

The early arrival of the Telcharim places them among the peoples of the the Old Kingdoms, but, unlike their contemporaries, they chose not to expand their frontiers. The land barriers that surround the land of Telchos deterred outsiders from prying into their affairs, and so enabled their culture to develop in isolation from the rest of Magnamund. They are a society dominated and administered by females, who uphold a strict social law that is fonded on their religious beliefs and their devotion to the Goddess Ishir.

The Vassa Nations

The Great Sadi Desert

{ Ruler:Shasarak the Wytch-King
  Resources:Iron ore, gems, gold, silver
  Currency:Noble }

The earliest settlers of the Vassa peoples were the tough nomads who took control of this vast sea of sand. The reputation enjoyed by these nomads for being the most feared and most fearless of all human warriors, struck terror in the hearts of their enemies for over a thousand years. After the Great Alliance of [MS?] 4650, the Sadi Nomads were used by the Wytch-king as assault trooops during the invasion and occupation of the south. But the promise of land and riches, that was their agreed reward as part of the alliance pact, never materialized, and as a consequence the Sadi Nomads waged war on Shadaki in MS 4860.

The Zultanate of Cloeasia

{ Ruler:Zultan Guldarra
  Resources:Iron ore, copper, agriculture, shipbuilding, fish, rare cloths, gems
  Currency:Gold Crown }

The state of Cloeasia came into being in the year MS 2950. It was formed by exiles from Vassagonia and displaced rebels from the coastal region of southern Durenor. It maintains a shaky independance from Vassagonia but has lost much of its former territory and wealth due to geological & political upheaval in the Lastlands. It is currently one fifth of its original size, and its population is less that 30% of the original number when first it established self-rule.

The Republic of Anari

{ Ruler:President Dabudei
  Resources:Agriculture, minerals, gold, silver, timber, iron ore
  Currency:Lune }

The natural protection afforded by the Chah Mountains has enabled Anari to repel hostile Vassagonian armies for over three centuries. It was once a much larger state which stretched to the borders of Casiorn, but defeat at the hands of the Black Zakhan reduced their territories by half. A strong alliance exists with Kakush, Lourden, Firalond and Slovia, and Slovian Mercenaries account for almost seventy per cent of the President's army.

The Imperial Emirate of Kakush

{ Ruler:Emir Chotan
  Resources:Agriculture, timber, iron ore, gold, minerals, bronin
  Currency:Gold Crown }

In MS 4301, a nomadic Vassa tribe called the Kakushi, broke with nomadic tradition and established a permanent settlement on the plain of south-western Vassagonia. They constructed the city of Nikesa and forged strong links of trade and friendship with Dessi, Anari, and Firalond. However, since the rise of the Vassagonian Empire, they have suffered great losses in wars against their former kinsmen.

The Lakuri Isles

{ Ruler:Captain Khadro
  Capital:Kita Cove
  Currency:Gold Crown }

The Lakuri pirates have terrorized the coasts of the Kuri Sea for many centuries. Their volcanic island base is heavilly fortified and has withstood many attacks, notably by Durenese and Vassagonian fleets. They have been known to raid merchantmen as far south as the Gulf of Tentarium, where the sight of their red-sailed ships strike fear into the hearts of captains and crews.

The Drakkarim/Agarashi Nations

The Dark Realm of Skaror

{ Ruler:Darklord Kraagenskûl of Helgedad
  Resources:Slave labor, timber, iron ore, copper
  Currency:Kika (10 Kika = 1 Gold Crown) }

The hills of Skaror have long had a sinister reputation for harbouring creatures of evil. In 5518 MS, the tunnels that honeycomb the Karak and Ogian highlands were invaded by the creatures of Agarash the Damned, and for many centuries they bred and multiplied in their underground warrens until called upon by their master to swell his legions during the War of 1000 Years. When Naaros fell, most of the Skarorian horde were exterminated. It was not until MS 2650, with the arrival of the barbaric Drakkarim, that Skaror was occupied by humankind. In MS 3150, Skaror allied itself to the Darklands and became a territory under their control.

The Helotry of Nyraz

{ Ruler:High Warlord Magnaarn of Darke
  Resources:Shipbuilding, timber, slaves, agriculture
  Currency:Kika }

The timbered wastes and heaths of Nyraz were once Northern Lencia, until they were lost to the invading Drakkarim during the Darkdawn War (MS 2606-10). The Lencians mounted a series of campaigns and crusades to recapture their territory, but they all proved costly and fruitless. The Drakkarim built a mighty fortress on the ruins of Gamir, the former Lencian capital, and named it Nagamir after their victory. In MS 3150, Nyraz allied itself to the Darklords of Helgedad, and Nagamir was renamed Darke in their honour.

The Helotry of Nyvoz

{ Ruler:Darklord Dakushna of Kagorst
  Resources:Timber, slave labor
  Currency:Kika }

This forested wilderness north of the great Hellswamp became a refuge for bandits and outlaws during the Golden Age of the Shianti. Gradually, they banded together to form a bandit kingdom, and enjoyed great success raiding the territories of Eru and Northern Lencia. When the Drakkarim arrived, the bandit kingdom fled to the sanctuary of the Hammerlands, leaving the city of Kagorst in ruins. The Darklords took control of Nyvoz in MS 3152, and Kagorst was rebuilt as a city-fortress by their giak slaves.

The Darklordship of Zaldir

{ Ruler:Darklord Gnaag of Mozgoar
  Resources:Iron ore, timber, copper, slave labor
  Currency:Kika }

Zaldir was the first place to fall to the Drakkarim in MS 2591. The city of Shpydar (formerly Vinaldo) was besieged and its inhabitants massacred by the barbaric Drakkarim. In MS 3140, the Drakkarim were themselves overrun by an invasion from the Tadatizaga. The Darklords tricked the Zaldirians into allowing their giak armies into their land in order to repel the invaders; when the war was won, it was the Darklords who took control of Zaldir and promplty crushed all who dared to oppose their rule.

Swamp of Maakenmire

{ Ruler:Unknown
  Currency:No system of currency }

The geography of the Lastlands underwent dramatic change during the formation of the Maakengorge in MS 3055. Formerly an expanse of rolling frassland, the Maakenmire Swamp was created when a vast bowl of land sank below sea level as the tremours of the shifting land spread eastwards. Fearsome semi-intelligent reptiles, notably the Kwaraz and Gourgaz, emerged from the Maakengorge and inhabited the newly-formed swamps. The island stronghold of V'ka is rumoured to contain many thousands of these hostile creatures.

The Infernal Hellswamp

{ Ruler:Swamplord Vag'kroag
  Resources:Rare herbs, rare minerals
  Currency:None }

This shifting, seething morass of quaking mires and fathomless pools is home to many giant reptillians and humanoid amphibians. It harbours a myriad carnivourous insects and poisonous barbed plants that often ensnare any warm-blooded creature who is unfortunate or unwise enough to enter its murky channels. Its eastern border with Eru and the Hammerlands is markedly less hostile than the eastern and central regions, and access to inland territories is often attempted by smaller boats.

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