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Document Structure

Before we get to the tour, let's look at the general structure of web pages at the Oasis. This might be a dry subject and most of it is pretty straightforward but reading it will help you find your way around. We will use the Joe Dever's Biography page as our example. All samples of the document will be enclosed in horizontal rules like the following:

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Dever's Corner

Joe Dever's Biography

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  1. (optional) The navigation bar that allows you to go to all of the major pages in the Oasis.
  2. (optional) A link to the Text Links that are in the footer. I include this for older web browsers that aren't able to use client-side image maps such as the navigation bar.
  3. The title of the "parent" page; the web page that is higher up in the Oasis structure. In this case it is the Dever's Corner page.
  4. The title of the current page. In this case it is Joe Dever's Biography.
  5. (optional) A set of "You are here:" links. They represent your position in the tree structure of the Oasis.
  6. A horizontal rule indicating the ending of the header and the beginning of the document body.

Joe Dever in front of a airplane giving the thumb's up
Joe Dever

Joe Dever, the creator of the bestselling LONE WOLF adventure books and novels, is a unique English talent. . .

Document Body

  1. (optional) A list of internal links. This could be links within the document body itself or links to "children" web pages. Joe Dever's Biography has no children and therefore has no links here.
  2. The document body that contains the substance of the web page. Naturally, Joe Dever's Biography contains biographical stuff about Joe Dever.
  3. A horizontal rule indicating the end of the document body and the beginning of the footer.

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  2. (optional) A table of links that mirrors the organization of the navigation bar in the header. Note that the links will not be underlined (as illustrated) if you are using a CSS1 compliant browser. (this generally means Netscape Navigator 4.x or Internet Explorer 4.x or higher)
  3. A couple lines prompting you to e-mail me and to look at the FAQ.
  4. The last date that I have done work on the current page.
  5. (optional) A set of images pertaining to the Oasis in general. A fun thing to do (depending on how bored you are) is to click on the W3C image to check to see if I'm keeping my web pages HTML 4.0 compliant. Try it on the image at the bottom of this page.
  6. Copyright information.

That concludes our look at Oasis document structure. Some other things to keep in mind:

I'm glad that's over with!

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