Giak Tutorial

Lesson IV: Exercises

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A. Vocabulary

1. Write down and pronounce all of the vocabulary words for Lesson IV and make flash cards.

2. Write down the translations of the following:

  1. Ka (not 'why')
  2. Zazgog
  3. Nodog
  4. Tozaz
  5. Tog
  6. Adar
  7. Tezna
  8. Gegor
  9. Der
  10. Nart
  11. Aztar
  12. Odgoz
  1. Adog
  2. Ogot (prep)
  3. Tot
  4. Nengud
  5. Gogak
  6. Gedad
  7. Etaar
  8. Nartag
  9. Zogak
  10. Okrog
  11. Egina
  12. Kog
  1. And
  2. East
  3. River
  4. Road
  5. Way
  6. Mountain
  7. Front
  8. For
  9. Left
  10. Right
  11. If
  12. Arena
  1. Come
  2. Blockade
  3. Border
  4. Cove
  5. To
  6. With
  7. Like
  8. Above
  9. From
  10. South
  11. At

B. Conjunctions

Write down the translations of the following:

  1. Sheg hel ash klag ogot.
  2. Egud ash dorgar darg orgar.
  3. Okak raz ash gag.
  4. ¿ Ta doka narg luga nart goura ?
  5. Gee, shad nak kuzim dar dokim jok dok.
  6. Rekenar tan dikrak ka dok zee naog dikrak.
  7. The human is old, blind and weak and I am strong.
  8. Is the swamp cold or hot?
  9. If the army is strong, we retreat.
  10. How are thou a friend but thou attack the army?
  11. If the hunter is green and brown, the animal doesn't see him.
  12. Thou are getting the hammer or the bottle.

C. Prepositional Phrases

Write down the translations of the following:

  1. Duldugim zaj iak odgoz.
  2. Orgar kor aztar dez eg nengud.
  3. Okim dakagog ar igginim ash eg heza.
  4. Zutaagon dandon kog adog.
  5. ¿ Ta okak tan kog zazgog nart jat ?
  6. Kikagonim nar kog adar.
  7. Ok ekor kog anak kog tozaz.
  8. A giak is in the canyon.
  9. He sees the small baby behind the gate.
  10. Why is the spy hiding above the door?
  11. The army goes to the rear.
  12. We're going to the south.
  13. The doomwolves retreat behind the mountain and rest with the giaks.
  14. The bad enemies destroy the bridge with hammers.

D. Indirect Objects

Write down the translations of the following:

  1. ¿ Odakar ek tor an jogg ?
  2. Ok jeg kor zizi ash tagog gajog.
  3. Nozod kag eg kordak zegor.
  4. For whom are the giaks killing the old slaves?
  5. He builds a big castle for her.
  6. She defends the baby for a friend.

E. Possesives

Write down the translations of the following:

  1. Egiza kor zutorgak narg ogot gedad ak.
  2. Dorgar liga daka eg heza kor orgadakim.
  3. Gogak kor gazim kor okim narg atog odnenga kaat.
  4. Where is my new barracks?
  5. Is your war party in the north?
  6. The child follows her to the right.

F. Outside Assignment

For the next week, try to describe in Giak what you or people you see are doing, where you're at, and things you see. For example, 'Ok dan kog heza,' or 'Dok ogot etaar narg jatnek.' Basically use Giak as much as possible. Unless you're at war, this might prove difficult.