Giak Tutorial

Lesson V: Exercises

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A. Vocabulary

1. Write down and pronounce all of the vocabulary words for Lesson V and make flash cards.

2. Count from one to ninety-nine in Giak then count from ninety-nine to one.

3. Write down the translations of the following:

  1. Ogg
  2. Shaz
  3. Nozosh
  4. Nuzog
  5. Shezag
  6. Zaggan
  7. Tegdarg
  8. Reknoz
  9. Tugga
  10. Ogsha
  11. Tuk
  12. Zag
  13. Tok
  1. Shield
  2. Spear
  3. Cup
  4. Close
  5. Ring
  6. Treasure
  7. Damage
  8. Boot
  9. Bracelet
  10. Arrow
  11. Parry
  12. Helmet

B. Numbers

Write down the translations of the following:

  1. Ok oza hagor ig.
  2. Oknar nashez shezagim ga ash kor orgadakim.
  3. ¿ Ta okak kag tuk ash dulaganim ishrakig ?
  4. Odakar shez nozosh gudjag ar ogsha kor dok.
  5. Nenrak ek kika kor kikago.
  6. Nozod dakagog dar zutgorak ash shega da-na darg dok.
  7. Kuz nashez ar danak kor okak ash oza shezag kor ok.
  8. Zegorim shakoz-shak narg kog orgar.
  9. Iggi tok etaar.
  10. Zizi kor dok kot dok.
  11. Where are the twenty weapons?
  12. Eighty strong enemies are coming from the north.
  13. If you see them, you fire your crossbows and catapults.
  14. Do we have(carry) many bolts?
  15. We drink wine from small, old cups.
  16. The sergeant smells many humans.
  17. Thirty-five humans are charging at our camp!
  18. The humans in green cloaks are killing us!
  19. We retreat to the dark canyon and hide.

C. Outside Assignment

For the next week, continue to describe in Giak what you or people you see are doing, where you're at, and things you see. Add to this that you should try to count things such as the nubmer of humans outside your window, or the number of steps between your barracks and the doomwolves' stable.