Giak Tutorial

Lesson VI: Exercises

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A. Vocabulary

Write down and pronounce all of the vocabulary words for Lesson VI and make flash cards. Make sure that you're reviewing your flash cards at least weekly.

B. Past and Future Tenses

Write down the translations of the following:

  1. Ekog kor ok narg rannad zut.
  2. Nogjatim ig ash kor shad zinoz rogag okak.
  3. ¿ Ta tugga narg rannad moton ?
  4. Zizi jokog hoki dar dokim zoz rogag dargag hegez.
  5. Will the monster be in the cove in the south?
  6. The army will hold seventy black daggers at night.
  7. The sun didn't come before the dawn.
  8. The sergeant will start a battle if he is angry.

C. Infinitive Tense

Write down the translations of the following:

  1. Ok aga eg dog kika kor kikago.
  2. Eg ruzzar gezad staz narg zut.
  3. ¿ Ka duldug der rogag ash tozaz ash eg gaj shegtar kez ?
  4. I order you to obey me.
  5. To defend children is weak.
  6. A spy wants to see our leader.

D. Imperative Mood

Write down the translations of the following:

  1. Zaj!
  2. Koga! Darg naog dorgar kor ok.
  3. Dajo shegtar ash zek hakim kor orgadakim.
  4. Defend our children.
  5. Use thy hammer to build a house.
  6. Hunt the animal in the deep chasm.

E. Outside Assignment

This week, keep a daily journal of what you do during the day. Try to use the new tenses you've learned and the temporal words such as day, begin, stop, etc.