Giak Tutorial

Lesson III: Exercises

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A. Vocabulary

1. Write down and pronounce all of the vocabulary words for Lesson III and make flash cards.

2. Write down the translations of the following adjective pairs:

  1. Stuzor: Tukor
  2. Kao: Doddog
  3. Lozon: Moton
  4. Gudjag: Liga
  5. Ish: Naj
  6. Ekig: Akog
  7. Zendod: Tadat
  1. Dark: Bright: Light
  2. Old: New
  3. Fast: Slow
  4. Deep: Shallow
  5. Hot: Cold
  6. High: Low

3. Write down the translations of the following:

  1. Black
  2. Stak
  3. Blue
  4. Orgad
  5. Neni
  6. Staz
  1. Red
  2. Bad
  3. Bottle
  4. Green
  5. Klag
  6. Anak

B. Modifiers

Write down the translations of the following:

  1. Anak zut
  2. Adag shug
  3. Sheg neni
  4. Shad Stak
  5. Orgadak zendod
  6. Zegor tadat
  1. Hot hunter
  2. Long bridge
  3. Small house
  4. Large war party
  5. Weak army
  6. Red blood

We're finally getting to the point that we can make some interesting sentences. Write down the translations of the following:

  1. Zegor shug raz googa gour.
  2. ¿ Ka dok lazag naog dok ?
  3. Orgadaka aga googa razi.
  4. Kuz zut azgad gazjat klag.
  5. Ok zinoz zutgorakim staz.
  6. Dokim zek naj.
  7. ¿ An narg oknar nad ?
  8. Duldug zaj joz.
  9. Zutaagon gag adez hel.
  10. Konkor shez lenag.
  11. ¿ Dak akamaz narg akog ?
  12. Moggador stak ekor naog.
  13. Orgar narg doddog.
  14. Zizi haag taag nenrak nad.
  15. An old friend doesn't see me.
  16. The blue guard defends the long bridge.
  17. Big Bird is yellow.
  18. A small baby sleeps.
  19. I am blind.
  20. The giak asks us, "Where do you get wine?"
  21. Some red soldiers carry big hammers.
  22. The cold children are wet.
  23. When are thou getting a hot drink?
  24. Yes, they cut the strong doomwolf.
  25. What are you taking?
  26. The short scout is destroying the stronghold.

C. Outside Assignment

For the next week, as you are walking or driving or whatever you do, try to use the adjectives in this lesson to describe things that you see. 'That tree is gudjag' or 'That zizi is razi.' Especially try to use the nouns when possible. Tip: don't speak Giak out loud unless you like people thinking you're crazy.