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If you are under legal age, I strongly suggest that you get prior parental consent before filling out this form.

See the Oasis' Privacy Statement.

* = Required

[Register no longer maintained]

By submitting this information you certify that:

  1. You are who you say you are and that you are a Lone Wolf fan. (let's keep this honest)
  2. You permit me to publish your info on my website. The information will not be distributed in any other way without your prior consent.
  3. If you have checked the "contact" box, you permit me to send occasional email messages when I feel that you should be contacted with pertinent information. If you are a member of the kaiwisdom mailing list, you'll probably receive all messages twice.
  4. You permit me to retain the information permanently. I will remove all information from the site on your request but I will retain the information for my own records.

[Instructions] [Problems?]


First and Last Name:
Give me your name in the order that you want it to appear in the Register.
Email Address:
It is required but I will only include it in the Register if you check the box. You can always change the address or remove it from the Register by contacting me. Please use an account that will be checked often.
Specifying your gender isn't required but I'll assume that you're male. I use this only to determine whether to add you to my email address list as "Lord" or "Lady". I won't distribute this info any other way.
Kai Name:
Examples are Swift Fox, Red Knife, Star Blade, etc. Make something up that fits your personality. It must be at most two words and unique; I will recontact you by email if your name duplicates someone else's but please save us both some trouble and check the Register first. "Lone Wolf" and "Grey Star" are off limits. I reserve the right to disallow a name for any reason.
Homepage URL:
I will include a link to your homepage in the Register. If you have specific info about Lone Wolf on your site, enter that URL and I will probably link to your info as well as put your homepage in the Register.
Nation of Residence:
I will include it in the Guestbook if this field is filled out. I include it as a matter of interest to other visitors.

If you have problems using this form, just submit the information via your normal email account to If you don't want me to include your email address, please be sure to specify this.

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